dark stories, dark internet

the internet is full of dark stories. the only thing that's needed is a good storyteller.

what is fabulas de machina ?

"fabulas" are stories. "machina" is the machine. the machine is everything. we are living in the future and copper, fiber and wireless bands are running it. spending a lot of time in the cyberworld sometimes makes interesting stories. this podcast is here to make these stories, audio experiences. 

who am I ?

I am someone who hates uppercase letters. unless its camelCase. I believe the internet is the fabric that bonds the modern society. I scavenge dark stories for your pleasure. 

where can I find it ?

just search "fabulas de machina" in a search engine. 

it's all greek to me.

yes, I know. It's all greek to me, too. the podcast is in greek but soon enough it will be publicly available in english for any international user that might be interested. 

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